Live Free Or Die

In a world where people are either bound to the rules or bound to rebel, one person finds himself with the opportunity to inherit the most valuable secret the other side has ever had, potentially tipping the balance forever.... Drugs, cursing, and violence. PG-13 for now. (Cover: major apologies to Delacroix.)

30 May 2018 10.41 pm

Oh hi

Shoulder hurts like ass if I spend any amount of time at the computer (but weapons practice, wheel pose, and sawing branches is fine so I'm pretty fucking sure my body is trying to send me a message), idk maybe I'll do the rest in stick figures? But that's hard to see without color.... I would just hire someone to get this thing done but the university owns my bank account now :'D (don't do grad school, kids)

I might try Photoshop on the laptop again, although that's been funky so far so who knows.

Anyway if there's something you actually want to see, tell me. Otherwise this biography of Grant won't read itself....

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Live Free Or Die