Live Free Or Die

In a world where people are either bound to the rules or bound to rebel, one person finds himself with the opportunity to inherit the most valuable secret the other side has ever had, potentially tipping the balance forever.... Drugs, cursing, and violence. PG-13 for now. (Cover: major apologies to Delacroix.)

11 Feb 2018 08.56 am


Updated the site to grab those sexy new features, keyboard browse and a mobile site. I also went to one of the default templates (and then promptly changed the font and used CSS rotate instead of images on the menu, which I really, really hope are supported everywhere now)...whatever, still less maintenance than the messy outdated thing I'd built from scratch. Let me know if shit is broken.

I need to script the least ten pages so I'm a do that after I finish homework. Which i can't believe I have again. Argh

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Live Free Or Die